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Environmental Policy

Eco Bags 247 places a strong thrust on abiding by business processes that are environment-friendly. Its procurement sources and preferred suppliers are also expected also comply with applicable laws and regulations concerning the environmental impact of their business. They should try to follow local and international laws and ensure that all the processes involved in material sourcing and manufacturing are safe and in accordance to the defined laws. The suppliers should also try to have protocols in place to notify local authorities immediately in case of any accident or incident that poses a threat to the environmental safety due to their operations.


The basic performance standards laid down for the suppliers need to address the following mandates.

  • Waste Management

Minimize waste and promote recycling as much as possible. Effective measures and alternatives should be adopted in view of air, water, or soil pollution. For disposal of hazardous materials, emergency response plans should be in place and the methods adopted should be in accordance to the laws.

  • Packaging

Try to maximize the use of reusable materials. The use of unwanted and clumsy packing materials should be avoided.

  • Conservation of resources

All the activities and processes involved in manufacturing, packaging, and supply should be thoroughly monitored, altered or modified for overall process improvement concerning the environment safety. Conservation of scarce resources like water, land, and vegetation should be on the top priority.

  • Energy efficient

Entire process of manufacturing and transportation should be based on an energy-efficient model. Activities like production that involves heating, ventilation, lighting, and IT systems and transportation through various medium should ensure adoption of energy-efficient methods. Also, the harmful emissions at any stage of business lifecycle should be minimized or curbed.

  • Proactive guidance in product selection

The suppliers should work proactively with us to impart the right kind of knowledge which would help us in selecting environment-friendly products.


We strive our best to adopt every possible precaution and measures to conduct business activities which are safe for the environment. With cordial support from our suppliers, who are expected to abide by our environment policy, we intend to offer the best shopping experience to our clients.