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At EcoBags 247, we believe in earning the trust of our customers by adopting responsible ways of conduct for our people, our customers and our communities. We expect the same from our suppliers as well. We aim at ensuring that our suppliers also meet the defined minimum ethical and social standards and demonstrate awareness and adherence to them. We are committed to upholding human rights not only for our own employees for others involved in the entire supply chain system. In addition, we our policy encompasses comprehensive criteria on
anti-corruption, labour rights, safe working atmosphere, and environment compliance.

Purpose of the Policy
  • Enhance the working condition of labours in entire supply chain
  • Preserve our corporate reputation and customers’ trust by adopting ethical means of business

Basic Human Rights
We take into account following areas:

Child Labour: Suppliers should not employ labours below the age as defined by local laws. They need to verify the age of their workers and maintain the records of worker’s proof of age.

Forced Labour: No forced labour should be encouraged. Forced labour might include prison or debt bondage labour, lodging of deposits or identity papers by employers. Safety and health: Access to bathroom and drinking water should be provided. Regular safety training for the workers along with a safe working environment, prevention of injuries and work hazards, and systems to detect threat to health and safety should be in place.

Discrimination: There should not be any place for discrimination based on colour, caste, creed, race, gender, political association, age or sexual orientation.

Discipline: No corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion or verbal abuse should been couraged at work place.

Compensation: The wages paid to the workers must meet the legal and industry standards.

Subcontracting and Home Working: Suppliers must ensure to have proper system in place that manages and monitors subcontracting and home working facility. The subcontractors must not abuse, exploit or provide unsafe working conditions to their employees. They should also uphold their responsibility towards environment policy.

Legal Requirements: The suppliers associated with us should abide by the national and regional statutory requirements in the countries they are operating in. If any policy mentioned in this document is in violation with any local law of government, then the local law of the country should take precedence.

Environment Compliance: The supplier’s facility should comply with national and local environment laws and regulations. For more details please refer on our Environment Policy